The Appeal of Exotic Granite

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Exotic GraniteImproving an indoor space is easily achieved through the use of exotic granite in the form of flooring, vanities, hearths or counter-tops. Architectural pieces and furniture made out of granite instantly increase the value of a space, both in terms of cost and beauty.
Granite Stones Come From Quarries All Around the World, Including:
  • Norway;
  • Africa;
  • Brazil;
  • China;
  • Spain;
  • United States; and
  • Canada.
Granite is available in a wide range of colours, including black, yellow, light pink, beige, brown, green and red. However, granite also comes in more exotic, rare shades that are not widely available.
The Shades of Granite Considered To Be Exotic and Precious Are Identified As:
  • Azul Bahia Granite;
  • Golden Crystal Granite;
  • Niagara Gold Granite; and
  • Rose Granite.
Azul Bahia granite is quarried in areas of Africa and Brazil. It is described as a rich, exotic shade of blue and is popularly used in pool structures and bathrooms. Because of its intriguing colour and pattern, as well as its lack of availability, Azul Bahia granite is one of the most desired types of exotic granite. It is especially favoured when designing areas where water is a feature, like washrooms, spas and pools.
Golden Crystal granite consists of neutral shades, where the pattern and intensity of the colours compliment each other and create a powerful overall effect. On top of it all, this type of granite also possesses flecks of sparkle and metallic shades, highlighting the fine and unique details of Golden Crystal granites. The colours of this granite range greatly, although remain within the neutral, warmer tones, including:
  • Beige;
  • Gray;
  • Brown;
  • Cream;
  • Rust or copper shades;
  • Gold; and
  • White to off-white.
This granite type is considered one of the more popular types of exotic granite, as it compliments almost any room and its existing style.
Niagara Gold Granite Includes Colours Such As:
  • Dark brown to black;
  • Peach; and
  • Rose to light pink.
Niagara Gold granite is derived from Africa and is often preferred over the less-rare and costly Crema Bordeux granite.
Rose granite is another exotic type consisting of red and pink shading, hence its name. Rose granite pieces also have dashes of metallic gold and gray, emphasizing themes of romance and femininity. It has been highly used in areas of China and is quarried in China and Brazil.
Whether your preference is for rose granite or Azul Bahia granite, exotic granite is extremely beautiful and rare, adding elegance to any space. The quality and high demand of exotic granites guarantees that its use in any space will increase the value of that space immediately.